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Songs that stand on their head and whistle Dixie!

I keep vacillating between significant excitement and dreadful apprehension.  I am fluctuating between both emotional states so rapidly that it feels like I could, with just a little bit of pressure, phase my molecules through a wall of pure titanium.  Which could do wonders for my secondary career as a bank robber.  (And my tertiary career as a panty raider.)   The silly thing is, this is sorta my natural state, to a greater or lesser degree.  I start working on a new record, and I am suddenly awash with excitement over the individual songs.  This one has a mind-blowing More…


The Googlity Glurgle of Giggling Gwah!?

Get Set Go six is complete.  It’s in the can, if you will.  All we are waiting on is artwork.  And with its completion, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching, in the hopes of identifying exactly why I keep putting out records.  Because, we don’t make money on them.  Not at all.  And I’m not making money on our music.  And unfortunately, this is the only thing that I love to do.  I have worn many hats over my lifetime and the only hat that fits, the only hat that is comfortable resting on my head,  is that More…


Get Set Go six is nearing completion!

I love working on records.  It is really, truthfully, the most fun a person can have by themselves.   And I have been working on the as-yet-untitled Get Set Go VI for the past few weeks now, and it is getting pretty damn near close to finished.  This album was supposed to be a collection of b-sides that we  were gonna slap on a new coat of paint, maybe paste a few sequins and then shuttle them off to the Internet to be ignored alongside the rest of our catalog.  But, after a few weeks work, it has become readily More…


Moving into cardboard boxes isn’t as scary as it once seemed.

Money.  I hate what money does to our minds.  It’s an addiction.  And like addicts, we obsess over it, we worry about it, we fret, we consternate, and we make poor life choices to keep a steady supply of money in our lives.  But, as an experienced addict, I know that there’s no use fighting it.  Either I make a clean break, and stop using altogether, or I have to determine some way to become a functioning moneyholic. Fortunately, I have weened myself off of money to the point that I can survive on very, very little without suffering any More…


Dead, rotting perspectives that smell like stinky feet.

The first thing I need to admit is that basically, up to this point, I have been, in most things, a failure.    Including the framing and structuring of that opening sentence.   Yes, you read that right.  I have, for the most part, failed at most of the things I have set out to do.  And for a long, long, long time, that sense of failure, that sense that I wasn’t reaping the fruit of my efforts, well, it basically shut me down.  I would spend months writing and recording an album, working with my bandmates to fashion the More…

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