Released December 15, 2023

This album was written, performed, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike TV in the Mouth, a home studio situated in Austin, Texas.


The time necessary to do all these things was made possible by Mike TV’s Patreon patrons. It is them that you must thank if you dig any song on this this record, seeing as without them, Mike and family would be living on the streets, busking for their daily bread.

AUTHOR’S SUGGESTION: Listening to this album out of sequence is like tearing a novel apart, chapter by chapter, shuffling them all about, and then reading a disjointed narrative. It might be an interesting experience but doesn’t it make sense to read the book the way the author intended first? And THEN get experimental?

It’s your record, once you’ve bought it. You can do with it what you want, but it might be nice to experience it exactly as the author designed the album to be heard. As if the sequence was actually an intentional and long-worried-over sequence of thoughts and ideas collected together with the intention of creating a more powerful overall narrative.

Or something.


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