Commission a Song

MikeTVHey everyone, Mike TV here.

Are you looking for a unique and tailor-made gift for your significant other?

Do you have wonderful life moments (or conversely, horrible life moments) that you think should be immortalized in song?

Are you planning on getting married (or, perhaps getting divorced) and want a unique way to express your love and undying adoration (or your antipathy and unbridled disgust) for someone and think it would best be expressed in song?

Are you a narcissistic control freak that thinks that all songs should be about you in words that you utterly approve of?

Have you felt this way, or are you feeling this way, and yet are unable to write a song yourself?

Never fear!  Mike TV to the rescue!

I will write that song.  I will write the poop out of it.

It will have all the trademark Mike TV elements.

Catchy melodies, interesting left-of-field lyrics, clever arrangements, and thrilling harmonies.

You can dazzle your friends by saying, yes, the fellow that’s singing right now on Grey’s Anatomy, or Weeds, or Jack & Bobby, or Burning Annie, or myriad other shows/films, has written a song for me, and it is AWESOME!  And completely poop free!

And all this can be yours for ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

I kid, I kid.

Think of this like buying your loved one a custom piece of jewelry for Valentines Day.  Only dramatically less expensive.  This will not cost you $10,000 for a bunch of glittery rocks.

This too is a custom gift.

  • It too glitters.  (If glitter is what you want, of course.)
  • Every step of the process will be approved by you, to make sure that it is the song you want.
  • It is a very unique gift.  A collaboration between you and Mike TV for someone you love.
  • It will certainly be featured on Get Set Go b-sides and demo releases.
  • It may be re-recorded and featured on a Get Set Go album.
  • Buy ten of these over your lifetime and you’ll have a full album of material.  Buy five, and it’s an e.p.  It’ll be the “Get Set Go Does Your Life In Song” Album.

You can get your very own custom song for $995. Email me to get started on your personal Get Set Go song..




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