Get Set Go is still alive!

Hey everyone! Mike TV here! I haven’t written a blog in ages.  I really apologize.  It turns out that I can effectively do one thing at a time.  As I get older my ability to multi-task has calcified.   And I really only have the strength to create one thing a day.  After I poop out a new song, I am done.  My brain is taxed, my soul whimpers, and my heart deflates.

I had such grand plans for posting daily blogs whilst also writing and posting daily songs.  The songs thing is actually working according to plan.   If you want access to the music as it is being created just go to the following link…

I post all of my newest stuff there.  If you’re into this sort of thing, you’ll get a very intimate view of my record making process as I post rough demos and then iterate on them all the way til a full studio recording.

I have also been streaming on Twitch at  I stream five times a week and hope to add a sixth weekly show soon.

Also, I think I should mention that Get Set Go left TSR Records back in 2009 or 10.  And we started our own record label, Square Tire Records.  Since forming the label, we have released five full-length albums (about to be 6) and two eps.  I moved to Austin, Texas on May 28 of 2014 to be with my love, Katy Klapuch.  And since the move, Get Set Go has basically been a solo project for me.   I still love my bandmates, but Katy’s in Austin.  The good thing about moving to Texas is that the cost of living is much cheaper than LA.  I also have no distractions, and without bandmates, I can actually write and record as much and as quickly as I wish.

So  have been writing, recording, and releasing albums nonstop since I arrived in Austin.  The first album came out in October of 2014 and since then I have released five full-length albums.  I have another one waiting in the wings.  Is this a good business practice?  Hell no.  But, it’s what I do.   I write and record songs.  And now that I no longer have to ask anyone’s permission to do so, I’m gonna do it.  So, get them while you can.  My money is slowly disappearing.  Each year, I make a little less.  And at some point I won’t have the money to keep the albums in stores.  So buy them, steal them, copy them, whatever.  Just make sure to get them, if you want them.

I love you all.  Anyone with whom Get Set Go’s music resonates, you are my sort of people.  You are not alone.  Yes, you’re probably a little nuts and maybe a little dangerous to yourself and others, but you are not alone.

Be well,

Mike TV

(this post was originally posted on May 26, 2015 and edited on August 25, 2016.)

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  1. I’m glad to hear things are going fairly well for you. That’s a tough break w/ your bandmates, but two heads aren’t better than one if they keep arguing. Keep up the art, and I’ll keep spreading the word towards people I hate the least.

  2. Hey there! I love your music. I really do. I keep asking myself why you aren’t in the top 10 most famous musicians. I keep sharing your music on facebook, more people should know you! Keep up the good work!

  3. For the past 12 months something broke in my head and I stopped listening to any music except Get Set Go. I’m literally obsessed and it’s the only music that makes sense to me now. Thank you for continuing to makes fantastic music, it really makes my life better. Can’t wait for your next ustream thingymawotsit 🙂 Thanks again, Shandy.

  4. I’m a high school student who recently discovered you guys and I just want to thank you for all your work. I recognize I’m super late to the party but you’re incredibly talented, witty, and generally just great. I’ve heard a lot of music in my time but nothing quite as enjoyable as yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope I get the opportunity to see you perform live some day.

  5. Man, your music is the music I put on at parties and people look at me like, what the fuck? It’s good, because with songs like music makes me want to die and I’ll be your heroin to relate to, who needs them? Seriously though, love your music, hope you never stop.
    Cheers, love from Northern Ireland!

  6. Just found you by Shazaming your song on Greys anatomy…my shame! But I found you!! Your music makes me happy! Reminds me of old school bands that have disappeared!! I hope you don’t. Keep doing your happy F.U. Songs ( meant in the best way)

  7. Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that your music got me through one of the toughest times of my life. It’s fantastic that you moved to Austin and you can finally do what you love without restraint. Also I live in Austin. I hope I stumble upon you at some point or another. I need your autograph.

    Anyway, best of luck, and I hope you keep on surviving.

  8. Hey Mike

    My friends and I were hooked when we first heard your album. We played it on repeat for the entire day while working! “Music makes me want to die” really strikes a chord with me – I’m working in a full time job while trying to balance out a creative career part time. Hang in there buddy!

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