A Brand New Era For an Off Brand Guy.

I live in Austin.  It hasn’t really sunk in yet.  Not the humidity.  Not the odd sounding birds outside.   Not the droves of insects, including bugs who apparently have such terrible indigestion that their asses actually explode with light.   Not the fact that each morning I wake up in a bedroom that is basically the size of my entire place in Los Angeles.  It still feels like I’m on the road.  Probably because I just got back from the road.  But, the awesome thing is, it’s a town I am quickly falling in love with.  I mean, sure, there’s no mountains.  So, like Superman without his yellow sun, my powers are greatly diminished.  But being a mere mortal in a place where people are friendly, beers are cheap, laughter is frequent, and food is delicious, well, that I can accept.

The odd thing about moving to a place, a state, a city where I’ve never lived (and I have never actually lived outside of California) is all the little differences that remind me that, yes, Toto, we’re no longer in California.  Things like all the frontage roads.  The fact that freeways are called highways.  Everyone drops the article “the” from the names of freeways. “Take 35 to 71”.  As if you’re taking thirty five somethings and bring them to seventy others.  The beers have strange names.  The bars and restaurants do to.  It’s like I’m living in a completely different world.  In fact, I’ve been to Austin many times as a touring musician, and even familiar places now have a patina of the odd and the strange.   And I’m loving it.  It’s like I finally made it to a warp zone and am now exploring a bonus map.  A place only hinted at from a game I’ve been playing my entire life.  It’s like I just downloaded a brand new, gigantic dlc expansion and I get to explore all the new content, the new quests, the new characters, storylines, backstory, and adventures.

S.A. Bach and I were on tour in the weeks leading up to this move to Austin.  And we unfortunately got into an argument with a rock the size of a pre-teen’s head.  Alas, the rock won, my car lost.  So, my life is scattered across three states.  My car, a bunch of musical gear, and a lot of my merch are still in Seattle.  Without my car, I couldn’t install a trailer, so I was forced to leave stuff behind in the move to Austin.  Stuff at my friends Stephanie and Michelle’s place, and stuff in storage.  I basically brought some clothes and my studio.  But, as it turns out, that’s all I really need.  I’m gonna get working on my next song.  I just thought I’d check in.  Say hello.  Start working out the ol’ writing muscles again.  I’m certain they’re gonna be sore tomorrow.  Oh well, no pain, no gain.

Covered in insect bites, june bugs, and water-beatles,

Mike TV

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