Get Set Go touring in April, May, and June of 2014!

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to post our tour route as it stands now. We’re hoping to mostly play small shows, house shows, small night clubs, backyards, and any sort of non-traditional venue.  Since we only get out to your neighborhoods every couple of years, we’d like to make sure we can play for as long as you’d like.   And every song you want to hear.  So, that said, we’re hoping to get a little help from you, our friends and our fans.  If you have a house, a backyard, a garage, a coffee-shop, a bar, a thrift store, a record shop, or anything of that sort and if you’re willing to offer it to us to host a show, we’d love to play in your town for your family, friends, and a small knot of our hard-core fans.  Please email me at if you’d like to host a show.  Otherwise, this is our current tour route.  It is subject to change predicated on what shows are offered us and when.

Monday, April 21st:  Travel Day (Bay Area)

Tuesday, April 22nd:  Santa Cruz

Wednesday, April 23rd:  San Francisco house show.  (Pending)

Thursday, April 24th:  Peninsula (Mountain View, San Jose, Palo Alto) (Pending)

Friday, April 25th:  The BrainWash Cafe in San Francisco.  Show starts at 7.

Saturday, April 26th:  Oakland/Berkeley

Sunday, April 27th:  Travel Day (or intermediary show between Bay Area and Portland)

Monday, April 28th:  Portland

Tuesday, April 29th:  Tacoma / Seattle

Wednesday, April 30th:  Tacoma / Seattle

Thursday, May 1st:  Spokane / Missoula

Friday, May 2nd:  House show in Missoula.  (message for details)

Saturday, May 3rd:  VFW Hall

Sunday, May 4th:  Day off.

Monday, May 5th:  Travel Day / Boise

Tuesday, May 6th:   Boise /  Logan

Wednesday, May 7th:  Logan / Salt Lake City

Thursday, May 8th:  Reno

Friday, May 9th:  Vegas

Saturday, May 10th:  Phoenix

Sunday, May 11th:  Albuquerque

Monday, May 12th:  Denver

Tuesday, May 13th:  Kansas City

Wednesday, May 14th:  St Louis

Thursday, May 15th:  Chicago

Friday, May 16th:  Lexington

Saturday, May 17th:  Cleveland

Sunday, May 18th:  Day Off, travel day (or intermediary show)

Monday, May 19th:  Day Off, travel day (or intermediary show)

Tuesday, May 20th:  Philadelphia

Wednesday, May 21st:  Boston

Thursday, May 22nd:  New York

Friday, May 23rd:  New York

Saturday, May 24th:   New York

Sunday, May 25th:  WashingtonD.C.

Monday, May 26th:  Carolinas (somewhere)

Tuesday, May 27th:  Macon, GA or Atlanta

Wednesday, 28th:  Orlando

Thursday, 29th:  Another Florida date?

Friday, May 30th:   New Orleans / Baton Rouge

Saturday, May 31st:  Austin

Sunday, June 1st:  Austin

Monday, June 2nd:  Houston

Tuesday, June 3rd:  Day Off

Wednesday, June 4th:  Dallas

Thursday, June 5th:  Las Cruces

Friday, June 6th:  Tucson

Saturday, June 7th:  Las Vegas

Sunday, June 8th:   Home

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