Blog 1: Sorry it’s been so long.

Have you ever been really excited, or perhaps very frightened, and you’re trying to tell the story, you’re trying to fill the listener in on all of the details that led up to the excitement or the fear, and there’s so many moving parts, so many different little threads that need to be woven to actually have it make sense, and it just seems impossible?   No?  Crap.   Well, that’s what I’m going through right now.   There is so much that I want to tell you, that I feel I need to tell you, that I just don’t know where to start.   I guess, in this sorta situation, it’s best just to start anywhere and start chipping away at the story, like a big block of marble, and hopefully it will take shape.  And hopefully that shape won’t be the face of Cthulhu or Dalek Caan (James Caan’s much, much older brother?  Grandfather?).   Actually, now that I think about it, they’re both basically the same face.  And why is it that squid faces are so disgusting?  I mean, I bet to squid-faced creatures, we probably look something like a stick figure face.  You know, smooth, round, with a few holes and a slit for a mouth.  I bet they’re thinking, “How do they tell each other apart?  And where’s the character?  And how do they kiss?  I mean, they have no suction cups!  They probably slip off each other like greased seals.”

But I digress.  My story, that’s what I was trying to tell you.  Uh…okay, how’s this for a start.  We’re finally releasing the side-project album, Televison & Summer, that Eric Summer and I have been working on since July of last year.  It wasn’t because we’re lazy bastards that the project wasn’t finished.  It was due to a lack of funds.  And not a lack of funds necessary for completing the record, we still have the money we successfully raised via our Kickstarter campaign,  it was a personal lack of funds for things like water, and food, and toilet paper.  It was the sorta lack of funds that had me considering exactly how much space I had left in my public storage unit and if I still had any friends on whose couches I could sleep.   It was an utter and complete financial system melt-down.  Not unlike the Great Recession but, at least for me, dramatically more painful.   So, I had to take a day-job.  And squeeze all things music into the margins of my life.

So, Television and Summer is coming out.  As is a 14-song Get Set Go record.  It’s a collection of all the b-sides we had recorded alongside Fury of Your Lonely Heart.  The hope was that we would release these as a collection of three more ep’s.  But, again, the lack of funds made that impossible.  It has also made hiring a professional mixer impossible.  So this collection of b-sides is gonna be very, very, very indie.  And by indie, read “roughly mixed.”  But the good thing is, the songs are very happy to be released from their prison cells and see the light of day, even if they’re shabbily dressed, in desperate need of dentist visit, suffering from chronic halitosis, and plagued with scores of open, seeping abcesses.   But even the homeless and the dispossessed deserve freedom, right?  I mean, this is America.  Sure, we can’t feed them, these songs, and we can’t give them jobs or even the spare dollar in our pockets.  But at least they’ll have the freedom to walk the streets, like slightly better smelling undead.  And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.  By the end of this month.

So, this is the end of blog one.  I’ll keep chopping away at this block and hopefully elucidate everyone on the inner-workings of Get Set Go, the band, and yours truly, the always-one-step-ahead-of-his-personal-tumult, Mike TV

Armed with nothing but a wound and a song,


7 Replies to “Blog 1: Sorry it’s been so long.”

  1. Great to hear from you Mike! Glad to have more music no matter what!

    And looks like this job will be ending soon, so I will soon be able to return to Casey’s and hopefully shoot in the next couple of weeks. Need to figure out the best way to record the audio well though. Can get someone to do a full recording, but it is a major setup.

  2. So many emotions, sad to hear of your continuing finacial troubles, happy to hear of more music,elated to see yourself back in the world, worried about the future of yourself and the band, tired from all these emotions, wait is tired an emotion, none the less, welcome back, always great to hear anything from you at all.

  3. All I can think when I read this is – about fkn time Mike TV. For music sake, I hope that some lucky girl has broken your heart, pulled it directly out of your chest with her bare hands and quickly smashed it before your eyes…but only for the sake of music.

    BTW my kids still talk about when we surprised them by driving to a little laundry mat/ cafe in SF to see you guys kill it!!!

    1. Awesome! That was such a fun show, if a little hard to hear. Apparently, laundrymats are not the optimal place for Get Set Go, sound-wise. 😛 I hope you are well. Say hello to the family for me. Oh, and stay in touch!

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