Get Set Go six is nearing completion!

I love working on records.  It is really, truthfully, the most fun a person can have by themselves.   And I have been working on the as-yet-untitled Get Set Go VI for the past few weeks now, and it is getting pretty damn near close to finished.  This album was supposed to be a collection of b-sides that we  were gonna slap on a new coat of paint, maybe paste a few sequins and then shuttle them off to the Internet to be ignored alongside the rest of our catalog.  But, after a few weeks work, it has become readily apparent that these songs are just way too awesome to be treated like a collection of b-sides.  We’re turning them into Get Set Go VI!  Woo!

This collection of songs will end the whole Fury of Your Lonely Heart cycle of songs.   In total, we will have released 36 songs in connection with Fury.   Fourteen on Fury, five on Loose Tongues, five on Wicked Hands, and another twelve on this next album.  We might re-sequence them all and sell them as a collected box set, with a few alternate versions, in the coming months.  But, I have to say, all things considered, that I am pretty damn proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish over the past couple years.  We hadn’t put out a record since Sunshine, Joy, & Happiness in 2008.  And now, in the span of two short years, we’ve managed to put out three albums worth of music, not to mention the side-project that Eric and I recorded, Television & Summer.  All told, it’s a grand total of 46 songs!  Not too shabby.

Now, if only people start buying them, maybe I’ll have enough to buy something to eat.  Fortunately, two small Del Taco red burritos are only a dollar ten.   I hope I don’t burn out on them…ever.


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