Television & Summer

Mike TV & Eric Summer.  Dig!

True Crime Television

Get Set Go’s 11th studio album.  Written, performed, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Mike TV.

Furthermore (2013-2014 Outtakes, Demos, & B-sides)

21 songs of indie-rock awesome.

Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons completes the first round of albums written and recorded by Mike TV after moving to Austin, Texas.   This album includes many fan favorites, including Here Be Dragons & Bizarro World. Artwork by Lyn Sweet.

The Pleasure Of Being Sad

The Pleasure Of Being Sad is the first album ever written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by Mike TV. The album includes many fan favorites including My Doppelgangers & Me and Into The Deep. Artwork by Lyn Sweet.


“tumors.” is a little rough around the edges as this was the first album that was entirely recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike TV.  

Loose Tongues

Great ep, with some fantastic songs. Having heard the demos and rough cuts of these, I was very happy that the studio cuts were released so that I could hear them as the band intended, and as my heart and ears longed for.

Sunshine, Joy, and Happiness

With their fourth album, not-particularly-ironically subtitled “A Tragic Tale of Death, Despair and Other Silly Nonsense,” Get Set Go have reached the Abraham Lincoln stage of their career.

Selling Out and Going Home

Now, with their third album, Selling Out and Going Home, Get Set Go seamlessly blend together all those styles and a bit more for good measure

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