Loose Tongues

Great ep, with some fantastic songs. Having heard the demos and rough cuts of these, I was very happy that the studio cuts were released so that I could hear them as the band intended, and as my heart and ears longed for.

Sunshine, Joy, and Happiness

With their fourth album, not-particularly-ironically subtitled “A Tragic Tale of Death, Despair and Other Silly Nonsense,” Get Set Go have reached the Abraham Lincoln stage of their career.

Selling Out and Going Home

Now, with their third album, Selling Out and Going Home, Get Set Go seamlessly blend together all those styles and a bit more for good measure

Fury Of Your Lonely Heart

What we have here is a set of seriously smart pop tunes that belie any silliness that might surround Get Set Go.

Ordinary World

Released in 2006, here’s what has to say about Ordinary World: A lot has gone down in the Get Set Go camp since the release of their 2003 debut, So You’ve Ruined Your Life.

So You’ve Ruined Your Life

Get Set Go’s first studio album. They were a three-piece writing simple, three-chord, punky, pop tunes with acerbic, self-deprecating lyrics about broken relationships, broken people, and lives so poorly-stitched together that pulling one thread left them down around your ankles.

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