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Hey everyone! Mike TV here! I haven’t written a blog in ages.  I really apologize.  It turns out that I can effectively do one thing at a time.  As I get older my ability to multi-task has calcified.   And I really only have the strength to create one thing a day.  After I poop out a new song, I am done.  My brain is taxed, my soul whimpers, and my heart deflates. I had such grand plans for posting daily blogs whilst also writing and posting daily songs.  The songs thing is actually working according to plan.   If More…

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We Are Not Alone.

First, can I say that June bugs are drunk.  Or blind.  Or maybe a combination of the two.  I have never seen more terrible aerobatics from any other creature.  These mentally damaged insects fly like they’re lunatics.  They bash into walls, into each other, into anything around them.   They leap off of a perch and then take the most ridiculous flight arcs straight into something solid and then collapse to the ground, often on their backs, where they have to struggle like madmen to right themselves.  They sorta remind me of me.  “Hey guys, I’m outta here….aaaaaaaagghghghgh! ”  *SMACK. More…

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